Our StopFORCE brake upgrade kit!

Installation on a 2002 Z06

Wheel spinning video 1.0MB AVI file

Installation on a 2004 C5

StopFORCE design
Our rotor package is designed and produced with some of the most sophisticated software and hardware available in the industry today. Tolerances are kept extremely tight to ensure a quality product is produced.

StopFORCE inventory
A typical months supply of rotors arrive from our local Porsche dealer. The rotors are layed out for inspection prior to disassembly for cleaning/coating.
Cleaned and plated rotors await final assembly. Our patented rotors hats await installation on the brake rotors.
Factory Porsche bolts and nutserts are cleaned and zinc coated for superior corrosion resistance.

StopFORCE installation instructions

Installation instructions are available in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.

StopFORCE installation instructions.doc

StopFORCE installation instructions.pdf

Stock C5 brakes

We have all seen this before. And chances are if your visiting this website your rotors might look similar. This particular set is from a 2002 ZO6 with 11,000 miles on the odometer. This is a street car that had only seen 1 track day. As you can tell they are not very pleaseing to the eye, and the performance they now deliver is even worse. Rusted edges, paint coming off, stress cracks and over 3 mm of wear on the braking surface!