Here are the features of the StopFORCE brake kit:

  1. OEM Porsche quality
  2. The rotors are manufactured with precasted circular holes. Crossdrilling holes after the rotor has been made upsets the metals grain structure and is the #1 cause of cracks. This rotor will only begin to crack long after its service life has been exceeded and very worn down.
  3. Rotor specific directional cooling vanes ensure the most air circulation possible for each rotor. No generic flat cooling vanes are going to move this much air.
  4. Lightweight aluminum rotor hat offers a weight savings.
  5. Additional rotor cooling capacity allows you to use a more aggressive compound of brake pad without the risk of overheating the rotor.

The brake kit comes complete and assembled. All you need to do is bolt them onto your car.

Here is whats included in the StopFORCE brake kit:

  1. 1 Directional Left Rotor zinc plated silver
  2. 1 Directional Right Rotor zinc plated silver
  3. 2 Custom rotor hats made from billet 7075 aluminum, hard anodized black for rust protection
  4. 20 bolts and retainers, zinc plated silver for rust protection
  5. Professionally assembled, balanced and measured for runout

To place an order: COMING SOON!

Price: $650.00 plus shipping.