StopFORCE Customer Testomonials
Here are honest testomonials from real customers. These customers where not compensated or otherwise given special treatment in exchange for their comments.

From our website design to customer service we strive to offer the best in everything we do. We are fanatical about our product but some of our customers say it best, and here they are!

From: John Berger
Location: West Hartford, CT

I acquired my 2002 Z06 in Spring of 2003. As the Regional Director & Chief Instructor at NASA’s Northeast chapter, and as an instructor for many of the area’s high performance driving clubs, I knew the car would soon be finding its way around the serpentine asphalt of such places as Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park, and New York's storied Watkins Glen.

After the first two days on track, the stock front rotors had cracked badly and the GM replacements also cracked after three more days on track. I decided right then to replace the stock brakes with something more substantial. I was leaning toward a Porsche/Brembo package similar to the ‘Big Red’ system I had been running successfully on my modified 1998 Camaro SS.

Eventually, my search led me to StopFORCE. They were marketing a Porsche 993 Twin Turbo rotor, the very same one I had been so pleased with on the Camaro’s ‘Big Red’ system. It was mated to an aluminum ‘hat’ custom machined to fit the Z06 caliper. While I would have preferred the Brembo caliper, it would have been 4 times more expensive than StopFORCE's solution.

Soon I was the owner of the StopFORCE/Porsche rotors.

So, how have they performed? Well, so far they have endured 17 open track days plus another 6,000 miles of everyday road use. They still have what I estimate as another 3-4 open track days left before the rotors will have to be discarded. During this time the car has set two track records and has recorded FTD (Fast Time of the Day) on numerous occasions. I have been very pleased with the StopFORCE adaptation and fully expect that when my front wheels roll into the 2004 season, StopFORCE rotors will be rolling right along side them.

From: Alex Fong
Location: Irvine, Ca

In researching brake systems for my 2001 Corvette, I considered a number of different options, including those from Baer, DBA, and Brembo. While they all looked good, I was more concerned with performance (while still retaining the stock calipers), especially fade and the ability to repeatedly bring the car down from high speed. In doing my research, I was not convinced that any of the more popular name brands performed better than stock. In other words, Baer, DBA, and Brembo were for purely cosmetic reasons.

I came across StopForce from the Corvette Forum and gave them a try. The combination of StopForce aluminum hats, Porsche 993 brakes, and Hawk HPS pads was noticeably better than the stock brakes. After 2 days of intense track use at Spring Mountain, the brakes never failed to perform to expectations. They are without a doubt, a performance-oriented modification.