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Spark plug wires: Ahhhh yes one of the most important thing a engine need's is spark. And the more clean and pure the spark the more efficient the power. Replacing your stock spark plug wires is the best way to improve it. But let me tell you now....replacing them is a major pain in the ass. And the performance increases in replacing them is not really worth the time and labor involved. Also another problem is that the 3.4 uses very special sparkplug boot's. So forget your idea of buying a universal kit and cutting the wires to length. There are 2 manufacturers that I know of who make spark plug wires for the 3.4. First is Koolwire, they are Grey in color and are the same diameter as the stock wires (7mm), and cost $39.99. And preliminary electrical test's show them to be 3 times better in every sense from the stock wires. Majorly due to the fact that they use Silicon Suppression wire instead of the stock carbon core wires. Second is Magnacor, the wires are red in color and they offer them in 7mm and 8.5mm sizes. Price is $114.00 for the 7mm and $188.26 for the 8.5mm. Magnecor product information and order information can be found at Koolwire can be found at most PEP BOYS. Expect 1-2HP out of the Koolwire 7mm wires. 2-3HP for the Magnecor 7mm wires and 3-4HP for the Magnecor 8.5mm wires.