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Tornado Air: I was a bit skeptical about this product because of its cost and simplicity. This product is a metal pipe with 8 airfoils that mount's in the air hose right after the airbox and swirls the air into the intake. I ordered this product and put it in my car and noticed better performance in all throttle positions and also got 1-2 more MPG. Exact performance increase's where unknown until taken to a wheel dyno at a local college and rated. I got 10 more HP out of motor. I couldn't believe it. In fact.....most of you probably won't. That's why I am offering anyone who doubt's this to call the guy at the college who did the dyno run. His name is Ron Bell and is the professor of the Auto Technology department at Saddleback College in Ca. His number is (714) 582-4785. Ask him about the product and ask him about the white 96 Grand Prix GTP that was in there. Cost is $70.00 and can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at 1-800-500-8880 or at some auto parts store's. Actual product information is available from