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Created 2\10\98 this website is dedicated to the GM 3.4L DOHC 24-Valve V-6 and the GM Series II Supercharged 3.8 V-6

For a list of modifications I have done to my GTP click here.

Frequently asked questions.

I put this up here to briefly answer some of the most frequent questions I get.

Question: How much did the 2.8 to 3.4 DOHC swap cost you?

Answer: After it was all said and done around $5000.00


Question: How much did the 3.4 DOHC to Supercharged 3.8 swap cost you?

Answer: I am asked this on a weekly basis. Some by people who just want to know how much it cost and some by people who are actually considering trying to do this on their car. It cost allot.....I don't really want to say how much but cost wasn't a factor to me. All that was important is that I got the car I have wanted for some time now, the old 88-96 bodystyle with a modern powerful motor. It wasn't that the 3.4 DOHC wasn't a great motor but I already have a car with a 3.4 in it and decided to try something new. None of my Grand Prix's have the stock motor that came in them. I imagine if I had a new Grand Prix it would have a different engine in it by now to.


Question: How in the world do I change the rear sparkplugs in my 3.4 DOHC engine?

Answer: Easy....put the car on level ground and put it in park. Let the car cool for at least an hour. These are aluminum heads and expand quite a bit when hot. Crawl under the right front tire and remove 2 14mm nuts on the transmission mount on the subframe. After that remove the dogbone front mount on top of radiator. With the car in park all you have to do it pull the engine forward and put a piece of wood in between the intake plenum and the firewall. Reverse order of removal and your set.


Question: Do you still have your other Grand Prix besides your 96?

Answer: Yup...although all my attention has been focused on my 96 since the swap I still have plans on modifying the 3.4 Grand Prix.

I will add more questions and answers as I have time.