Ram Air\ Cold Air intake

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This modification can be used 2 ways. One for direct Ram Air into the airbox or used as cold air intake. To use as Ram Air you buy 1 1\2 pool hose or ducting and put them into the holes you will see next to your headlights on both sides of your 91-96 Grand Prix. These holes are a perfect fit for the ducting. once installed run the hose to your airbox intake and shove them in. Also be sure to put screening on the entrance of the hose to keep bugs and water out. You should also slice a small hole in the hose to allow water to drain out. To use as Cold Air intake (like I did) do the same thing but there it no need to but screening on the entrance to the hose. Also slice a hole in both hose's to allow water to drain out. And instead of putting the hoses inside the airbox simply ziptie them near to the airbox intake. This way when the car is moving forward the air will be drawn into the airbox. I used black pool hose and black ziptie's so it's very hard to notice them installed. If used as Ram-Air you should get 4-5 HP increase when going above 70MPH. If used as cold air intake you should get 2-3HP when going above 25MPH. Why did I choose cold air intake instead of ram-air? 2 reasons, first there is no chance water will ever get into the airbox. Second the HP increase comes at a reduced speed because the air is drawn into the airbox instead of being forced.