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      Pictures of my car SideviewFrontviewRearview

3 Grand Prix's in my driveway. The one on the right is Steve Cromers  View of my new 3-inch exhaust tips

View of my car at the dyno  Underhood shot showing the strut tower brace  The amp in my GTP


Pictures from the 2000 Grand Prix Gathering in Kansas

Dad and I standing next to a 2002 Grand Prix being tooled up   Group picture at the casino 

Chris Green's burnout at the track   Hotel parking lot on Saturday 

Another shot of the parking lot from my hotel room  Biddy frenzy for Pontiac Racing banners

Tony "Da Man" Lauer picking the raffle winners  Tonys pretty wife Jennifer

 A youngster listening to the pierceing sound of Club Gp's Mike Napuarano's stereo 

Me downing 48oz of cow.....Moooooo  

TDC lowering kit up for auction, and Ryan Moore ready to snag it up 

Pictures from the 1999 Grand Prix Gathering in Kansas

Phillip Kokens car in AZ from the side  300GPX view from the front 

All the Grand Prixs lined up at the track for tech inspection  Group shot time at the track

Another group shot at track  All the cars parked at the casino

A choptop GTP pace car  The cars parked in front of GM's Fairfax car plant

Thrashers Regal GSX. Yes those are Grand Prix houd louvers

Thrashers intercooler on the GSX  Me and my grandprix 

The same supercharged Grand Am from SEMA  Underhood shot of the Grand Am

The 94-97+ Grand Prix designer signing my car

Texas convoy on the way to Kansas  Texas convoy at Mc Donalds 

Pictures from the 1998 Grand Prix Gathering in Kansas

Front shot of the 300HP 300GPX prototype car   Sideshot of the 300GPX    The 300GPX motor

Frontshot of the 98 Grand Prix pace car   Rearshot of the pace car

An exact replica of the Hotwheels Grand Prix car   Wild Grand Prix with flames!!    All the Grand Prixs lined up at the raceway

Me racing a 98 GTP   Picture of my car in the parking lot    The Ram Air Tech car     Do you like yellow?

Thrashers Regal and trailer    Don Keefe from Pontiac Enthusiast magazine in a 66 Grand Prix

A showroom condition 89 Grand Prix SE    MPD's F1 Grand Prix    All the cars bunched together at the track

The only other car at the gathering that looked similar to mine   3.2 MEG AVI file of me getting my "Most Modified" trophy

My award for most modified Grand Prix

Pictures from the SEMA show in Las Vegas

A Orange\Grey 1998 Grand Prix GTX    A prototype Supercharged 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT

A prototype Supercharged Pontiac Sunfire    The 270HP 305 torque supercharged motor from the Regal S concept car

Close-up of the Regal S emblem    Rearview of the Regal S

Action pictures

151MPH at night 

Rounding a curve in the fog on my way to Texas

Same view from from the speedometer

Burnout while at track during Grand Prix Gathering 98 

What the street looks like after hard acceleration 

Miscellaneous Pictures

Sideview of 3.4 DOHC engine

Sideview of 3.8 Supercharged engine...notice how more compact the bigger engine is because of pushrods v.s. overhead cam

Rearview of 3.4 DOHC engine

Rearview of Supercharged 3.8 engine...notice the factory tubular headers

Picture of Perma-Cool transmission cooler installed

1995 Pontiac Grand Prix Mule car

1995 Grand Prix GTP with Ram Air hood....was used to test the 300GPX's Supercharged 300HP engine

Underhood shot of the 95 GTP with the Supercharged engine  

Although this car was used for a couple years to test the engine it has since been crushed by GM and will never see the road again.....too bad I could'nt get the intercooler or the hood.

Audio clips

0-60 in a 94 3.4 DOHC V6 powered car

 0-60 in a 99 3400 V6 powered car

0-60 in a 99 3.1 V6 powered car

0-60 in a 98 Supercharged 3.8 V6 powered car