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Computer chip: The computer chip is the heart of your computer-controlled vehicle. It hold's the timing, fuel, spark and all other computer related functions. There are over 800 functions that this computer chip holds. And only 8 of them are changed for increased performance. After a comparison test of 4 chip makers including Hypertech, JETCHIP, Fastchip and Superchips I found that all the chips had the same performance as the stock chip. In fact some of them actually LOST horsepower. The Fastchip did gain .5HP and .6 torque. And probably decrease's quarter mile time by .2 of a second. If you would like to buy a Fastchip you can find them at www.Fastchip.com. Although the money would be better spent in buying a K&N air filter at 1\3 of the cost.

Check out my dyno results of different computer chip makers. Fastchip  Hypertech JETCHIP Superchips